Last June we went to Barcelona on the occasion of the presentation of the new line of basketball shoes Adidas. The Crazy Explosive shoes were presented under the motto “Here to create”, in a two-day event where numerous activities were created that brought together retailers from different European markets, NBA players such as Ricky Rubio, Kristaps Porzingis, Andrew Wiggins, Jamal Murray , Brandom Ingram and Danilo Gallinari, speakers, press from all over Europe or Brian Foresta himself, designer of the new sneakers.


Along with the NBA players, the protagonists of the event were the players, young talents who formed teams from different parts of Europe, and who had been previously selected. These players had the opportunity to meet and share the court with the professionals and they competed throughout the event to gain an experience with Adidas.

 Before an event of such magnitude, and considering the large number of actions planned in different parts of the city, we organized a team with enough technical capacity to cover everything effectively. The team was made up of 18 professionals specialized in different fields. 8 cameras, 3 photographers, shooting and photography directors  and a team of editors and post-producers, who extracted and edited the required material in real time.

In the first day,the action was concentrated in two locations, the Hotel where the NBA players stayed and the Fira. At the hotel the players and retailers had a welcome pack and a 3D scan of the players took place for their introduction at the event. Up to that point, part of the camera and photography crew was transferred to capture the best moments of the arrival of the retailers in the Hotel, and the scanning of the players.

Parallel to the action at the Hotel, the preparation for the subsequent event that took place a few hours later was held at the Fira. At the court constructed for the occasion, we set the position  that each member of the crew had to occupy , studying the different shots of camera in function of the images that were wanted to extract. Thus on the one hand there was a team of several cameras that remained static capturing the front and side of the court, while on the other hand the rest would be capturing  details of the product and the different actions, which resulted key to get the best images of moments as important as the action of the NBA, the product reveal or the speech of the Adidas designer.

The second day of the event began on some open-air courts, where players played a tournament simultaneously. As in the first day, the crew worked in parallel in photography, video and editing in real time. Simultaneously we prepared in the Palau Sant Jordi where the end of the second day would take place. Foreseeing the possible complications that could appear to cover all the activities throughout the day, we decided to distribute to the team in the two locations in order to achieve greater agility when preparing our equipment in the Palau.

We got spectacular images of the best plays of the players in the tournament, of the retailers enjoying the matches, or of the product in other locations of the city. Images and videos that the cameras overturned and the editors selected, cut and edited in real time, to produce the pieces destined to Adidas social networks under the supervision and guidelines of the creative director and Isobar social media team.

For the last part of the event that took place at the Palau Sant Jordi which was divided into: retailers interview and press to the NBA, and player mates contest, photos of all attendees to the event and the tournament finals.

The interviews were divided into sets that were arranged contiguously; in each set we placed a camera and a sound tec. Also at the same sets, an advertising shooting of the NBA took place enunciating a promotional text of Adidas, all this directed by our of the director of shooting.

Meanwhile, on the large Palau court built with LED screen-floor, the rest of the camera team were distributed to capture the best moments of the dunk contest. We located photographers and cameras on the board and ceiling, other mobiles cameras would capture images by the edge of the court and two in the stands to achieve more general plans of the whole court.

As during the tournament on the courts, all the images and videos were captured in real time and the editing team, following the instructions of the creative director and Isobar social media managers, edited all the material according to the guidelines.


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