Hotel Regina


The Hotel Regina is one of those 360º projects in which we love to work.
The client came to us with a global need to restructure his brand and achieve a new positioning in line with the hotel’s new image.

In the heart of Madrid, 100 meters from the famous Puerta del Sol, on Calle Alcalá next to the Seville metro station, you will find Hotel Regina. An emblematic hotel that opened its doors in 1928 and has managed to adapt to the passage of time.

In the last year the hotel has undergone a transformation, updating its spaces with a careful design to make you feel at home.

Our work has consisted of creating a corporate image at the height of the new hotel, also creating all the pieces and items that a hotel may need in their day to day; designing  a new website and developing and creating a strong strategy and management of their communication via their social media channels.


With the new remodeling, the incorporation of the restaurant, the newest line of communication and the care that takes care of every detail, we believe that the logo has to be up to the task and promote all these aspects.

Both the capital “R” and the box are part of the essence and history of the hotel, so we think they are elements that must remain as they represent the hotel, its values and structure. They just needed to update themselves at the current times.

We wanted to provide the hotel with a more modern and detailed aesthetic, as well as closer communication.

Therefore we seek to highlight all these details that differentiate us and position us in the mind of the consumer as a warm, modern and above all human brand.

Designing a web site according to the new identity was a fundamental step. For this we developed a much more visual design, where the content spoke for itself with large blocks of photographs that are periodically updated according to different times of the year.

The navigation should be simple and very intuitive providing a satisfactory experience to the user.

A new identity required to be accompanied by many elements and details that make the difference when making the client feel at home.

We designed all the stationery as well as some pieces with a very fresh and original touch. Door hangers with funny messages, personalized postcards with hotel photographs and black pencils among many other things.

We also designed an unique Social Media strategy based on the creation of great content that showcases not only the different new spaces of the hotel but their cool vibe and style.

Thousands of pictures and videos are created periodically to full fill their social media channels with a fresh and close communication. Our Community Management department is always in tune with the production and strategy team to create the best content and communication possible for the hotel and their costumers.

Instagram feed

Videos are an essential part of our communication strategy. In this way we get, not only show the different spaces and services, but also the enjoyment of its customers and all the possibilities that the Hotel Regina offers its customers.

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