Welcome to the spheric world
After years of experience working for large and small brands worldwide, agencies in the field of audiovisual production and marketing, we have realized that there is a great lack in the development of audiovisual branding of brands, as well as the lack of visual coherence that Identity to all its contents.
Nowadays and more than ever, everything communicates. New technologies, new devices and interpersonal relationships are based on an audiovisual language in continuing evolution.
For this reason, Spheric was born with the firm objective of creating, directing and accompanying all the audiovisual actions of the brands.
Our claim “Visual Thinkers” refers to all those guidelines and details that result in a certain audiovisual behavior. In this way, we managed to provide a greater presence and visual coherence to all the audiovisual content generated by the brands.
At Spheric we write, produce and direct stories within a strategic and innovative framework.
We are artists, strategists, technologists, creators, thinkers, writers, producers, designers, storytellers, hard workers, inspirers, composers, builders …
We are Spheric.